Create amazing
property descriptions
and flyers in seconds with AI

Eliminate the tedious and time-consuming process of writing property descriptions and designing marketing material.

Save Time and Effort

Eliminate the tedious and time-consuming process of writing property descriptions and designing brochures.

Consistent Quality

Say goodbye to inconsistency in property descriptions and brochure designs.

Boost Engagement & Leads

Engaging property descriptions and captivating brochures are crucial to attracting potential buyers.

How It Works

Property Writer allows you to instantly generate compelling property descriptions and marketing material in seconds!

Instant AI Generated Property Descriptions

Our powerful AI algorithms analyze the input data and generate compelling property descriptions tailored to capture the essence and charm of each listing.

Generate beautiful property brochures

Automatically create visually stunning brochures that showcase the property’s highlights, captivating potential buyers at first glance.
Step 1

Input Property Information

Begin by providing essential details about the property (location, features, amenities)
Step 2

Generate AI Description

Instantly generate a compelling property description based on the property detail.
Step 3


Easily fine-tune the generated descriptions to match your preferences
Step 4

AI Brochure Generation

Once the description is perfected, automatically create a visually stunning brochure

What’s coming?

We have more awesome features coming soon to Property Writer

Coming Soon

AI Agent Assistant

Property Writers AI (Annie) acts as your personal real-estate assistant. Let buyers ask anything relating to your property listing and let Annie do the rest.

Coming Soon

More Ai Listing Content

Create property descriptions & content for more situations. Social media posts, EDM’s, Blogs and more!

Experience the Future of Real Estate Marketing

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